Dating musical instruments

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Dating musical instruments

This instrument utilizes the same broomstick neck with a separate one-piece fretboard/headstock. Similar to the "Viking Fiddle" used by Ida Rindlisbacher of the Wisconsin Lumberjacks band in the 1930's.

"Anyone who loves music and is handy with tools can make a cigar box violin that is capable of producing really good tones.

But equally important, they were often chosen solely on merits of their superior tone and volume.

Most manufacturers will identify the areas that have precious metal content by stamping "Silver" "Solid Silver" "925" on the parts that are sterling silver.

From the simple 3-string cigar box guitar instructional that started the Cigar Box Guitar Revolution to historical plans dating back to the 1800's...we've collected them all. Well-illustrated in an easy to understand method to build your first cigar box guitar with minimal effort. Build a timeless sounding Appalachian dulcimer with this guide.

Eight-page set of plans walks you through building a simple but fully playable 3-string cigar box guitar from scratch.

Because of this view, sacred music was predominantly vocal music.

Instrumental music already had a long history, and in some cultures was at least as important as vocal music, but popular instrumental music especially suffered from being regarded as "pagan".

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Any well-known musical instrument in the brass family is included, along with photos when available.

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