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Trace Cyrus was the back vocalist and lead guitarist of his band Metro Station from 2006A. The band released their self-titled first appearance album in 2007A.D, and the single album "Shake It" was a hit in 2008A. They adopted their genre to be punk rock because everyone in the band was of same type.Using the card, you can withdraw cash in any Banco de Oro, Expressnet or Megalink ATM’s nationwide."To answer that fan question" is the part of Nashville Gab where I take the sometimes funny things readers have ended up on the website searching for and actually answer them in a somewhat coherent way.

Both famous: Trace is with the band Metro Station and is known for having dozens of tattoos that cover most of his upper body.

Rumors were flying earlier this week after Brenda posted a pic of her and Trace cuddled up and holding hands.

Many wondered if their past rift is now ancient history and they're moving forward as a couple again – or if they're just friends, hanging out.

Trace also has a younger sister, Miley, who has starred in the Disney Channel’s TV series Hannah Montana.

In talk with MTV, Trace discussed recording with Miley: "In fact, I'm going to sing on one of the song on her next album.

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Trace's new pics of them, with Brenda wrapping her legs and arms around him, should put all the "are they? " rumors to rest because this is way more than friendzone activity, we'd say.