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Incentives for consolidating school districts

Most were common school districts providing education only through the 8th grade; many were organized around a one-room school.

By the beginning of this century over 10,000 school districts were in existence.

oday and tomorrow, more school leaders from Vermont’s 277 distinct school districts will descend on Montpelier, where they will meet individually with members of the Vermont School Boards Association, Vermont Superintendents Association, and officials from the Agency of Education (AOE) to discuss how they will begin implementing the new state law, Act 46, which is aimed at restructuring school districts into larger, more cost-effective systems that better serve students.

In June, the first such set of meetings with school board members and superintendents were held in Montpelier — notably without a quorum of board members so the meetings would not be considered public, and would not have to be warned as such.

Paul Le Page is scheduled to unveil his budget for the last two years of his governorship on Friday.

Enrollment in school districts in Erie County decreased 8.5 percent during that five-year span, falling from 126,925 students to 116,104 students.

But there, in the northwest corner of the town, were neighborhoods of students that went to nearby Sweet Home.

Why, thought Dana, couldn’t those students attend school in Ken-Ton?

Jill Remick, a spokeswoman for the Agency of Education, on Wednesday confirmed that a second round of meetings — intended to help more school districts — are set for Thursday and Friday this week.

Districts that move quickly, with votes approved locally by July 1, 2016, to join larger unified school systems, will qualify for the most generous tax breaks under the new law.

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Legislative proposals to come from the administration and lawmakers may and should fill in the gaps to move beyond financial incentives, which haven’t worked in the past.