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With the Sun in the sign that illuminates absolute, spiritual love, it’s possible that everyone will focus on what makes their sweetheart beautiful now.

In order to love fully, one must love without condition — and that is the lesson of Pisces.

It also provides information on the idea of a Goddess in a spiritual path.

Introduction To Paganism The Pendle Witches 1612 - 2012 The Pendle Witch trials of 1612 are perhaps the most famous of all the witch trials in English History and were recorded by the clerk to the court, Thomas Potts, in his book: The Wonderfull Discoverie of Witches in the Countie of Lancaster.

The White Goddess Pagan Portal The White Goddess Pagan Portal, is an online resource for Pagans, Wiccans and Witches, providing in depth information on a varied range of areas, including, Moon Phases, The Sabbats, Book of Shadows and a Forum for the serious discussion of Pagan topics.

I poured a lot of my childhood energy into fighting (imaginary?

Together the Solar Festivals and the Fire Festivals make up the Wheel Of The Year.

The Sabbats Wind Magick Invoking the winds is an ancient practice that dates back to the Ancient Greeks and possibly earlier.

) demons, trying to start fires with my mind, and figuring out how to transform into a werewolf.

I was routinely irritated and mystified by protagonists who spent a lot of time bemoaning their specialness.

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Check with the national Pagan Pride website to see if there's a PPD in your area.